Infrared Thermography Roof Inspection


Although improper roof drainage can best be observed immediately after a rain storm, most impacted drainage conditions will leave "tell-tale" indications even after standing water has evaporated: 

"Soft" Roof Insulation- If the roof insulation appears to be "soft" under foot, it may have absorbed excessive moisture.   

Cracking, Spallding or Discoloration Of Walls.

The deterioration may be an indication of moisture entry. Loose Metal Wall Flashings. Look for any discontinuities in the firm, uniform compression between metal flashings and the wall surface.    Covered "Weep Holes". Look for masonry weep holes that have become clogged or were accidentally covered over by the roof flashing

Missing Or Broken Weather Seals On Equipment Housings. Frequent maintenance of rooftop equipment may allow weather seals and sheet metal joints to loose water tightness.     Cracked or Sunken Caulking. Almost all joints in metal flashings are sealed with an application of sealant or caulking. Any cracking or other discontinuity is a potential source of water entry.  


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Whether you have hired us for a roof inspection, Roof repair or new Roof, you can depend on us to provide excellent service. Our quality, materials and passionate professionals ensure each project is completed in a professional manner, because customer satisfaction is a critical component of our service.

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Moisture can enter into a roofing system many different ways. In addition to water entry due to roof membrane leaks, moisture can enter a roofing system due to condensation from internal humidity, infiltration through building walls, water entry through equipment housings and latent moisture entrapped beneath the roof system.  


Building Walls & Parapets. Many types of wall construction, especially masonry and stucco, can allow moisture infiltration due to porosity and cracking. Particular attention should be paid to metal flashings associated with walls, including wall copings, reglets, counter-flashings, and termination bars. Large Rooftop Units, the metal housings around these units may allow water entry. Skylight glazing beads and metal trim flashings typically require periodic maintenance.  

Roof Inspection and Roofing Industry Standards...

When we do your roof inspection, we check the roof for compliance with installation specifications, roofing industry standards and uniform building codes. In addition, if any roof repairs will be needed, you will be informed of all available options in this area.


Develco Roof Inspection provides professional commercial and residential roof inspections and evaluations. We focus on ‘roof management’ and establishing a maintenance program that predicts and plans for repairs and upgrades.

Sudden failures and rushed repairs are a thing of the past. Costs are controlled and you work to a firm budget without sudden surprises. When you engage with Develco, you receive a professional roof assessment including a list of restoration and maintenance options that meet your plans and your budget.

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Our company is one of  the most comprehensive roof inspection service in Southern Alberta. Inspection reports always include: information about the roof and all it's components, detailed photo documentation
, and appropriate specifications from materials manufacturers, CRCA or local building codes.