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To prevent your roof from damage Develco will assist to carry out Flat Roof Asset Management System (FRAMS) on a regular basis and at least every Spring and/or Fall, or following heavy weather conditions.

Flat roofs are those with a pitch of less than 15 degrees. They can essentially have a long life span, provided they are correctly maintained. Life span will also be dependent on the flat roof materials used and you will generally find that Single Ply roofing systems are as durable compared to other materials such as asphalt-based or modified  2-Ply membrane roofing systems and assembly’s if well Maintained.

Flat roofs traditionally built from felts such as (BUR) Built up roofs, can be more vulnerable to splitting, blistering, ponding and felt movement. Our team has put together a short guide to these issues and what we can do to prevent substantial damage through regular flat roof maintenance building/client specific.




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​​ Flat roof maintenance

  • Specific levels of maintenance are required to prevent voiding the warranty and protecting the roof integrity. By performing routine inspections, Develco will look for things like ponding water, slipped base flashings, failed sealants-pitch pockets that require filling, splits blisters moisture surveys and erosion.
  • Addressing minor problems before the escalate maximizes the roof life. Once building owners regularly implement maintenance they can remain vigilant and avoid a major problem, keeping sudden repairs to a minimum.
  •  Through regular maintenance you can work on a preventative basis to avoid flat roof repair, which will be much more cost effective allowing the roofing system to fulfill many more years of service.
  • Our maintenance personnel will safely remove leaves and debris from your roof, gutters and drains on a regular basis. Unless your flat roof has been designed for use as an outdoor area it is likely that it will be very fragile. Develco flat roof maintenance also includes ensuring that all overhanging tree limbs are regularly cut back, allowing 1 metre clearance to avoid blockage and damage due to fallen leaves and branches as well as removing any unwanted vegetation or growth on the roof itself. 
  • Being aware that vegetation and moss can indicate that water is being held in sufficient quantity to allow growth which will ultimately lead to internal leakage. Inspection/replacement of failed UV sealants are key to longevity.
  • After a heavy storm our Maintenance team will check your roof for damage and ponding and clear away any leaves and debris.  Freeze thaw effect will split the surface so it is important to prevent expanding ice scenarios while there is still a chance. 


All roofs require periodic inspection and maintenance in order to perform as designed and to provide a long and effective service life.

Periodic inspection and maintenance is also typically required by roofing system manufacturers to keep roofing warranties in full force and effect. 

Although all building owners should establish a periodic roof inspection program, inspection and maintenance of any roof should be undertaken only by qualified Certified Roof Inspector, familiar with safe roofing practices. Including all applicable occupational, health and safety regulations relating to the roofing and construction industries.  

Due to modern roofing systems containing a wide variety of components and installation techniques, all roof inspections should be conducted by a Certified commercial roof inspector or similar roofing professional.

Typically two inspections should be conducted each year, one in the spring and one in the late fall. If the roof is warranted, at least one roof inspection each year should be conducted to monitor the current roof condition.  

Please note that the cost of periodic inspection is typically not included in the original cost of a manufacturers warranty. Accordingly, the building owner should contact a Certified roof inspector to obtain a proposal for ongoing inspection and maintenance services.  


Almost all roofing systems are subjected to some amount of foot traffic. Typically, roof traffic is necessary to service roof-top equipment.

Occasionally, roofs may also be subjected to unauthorized foot traffic. Because roof traffic can damage the roofing system, periodic inspection is very important to assure that any damage is identified and addressed quickly.  


  • Roof Access Points conditions.
  • The roof surface area immediately adjacent to a point of access, such as a ladder, hatch or door typically receives more foot traffic than any other area of the roof.
  • Walkways and "Natural" Pathways. Even if a walkway system is provided, always look for the "natural" pathway, or the most direct route between access points and areas of frequent maintenance. If roof walkways are installed in a square or right angle configuration. 
  • Develco will look for diagonal "short cuts" between adjoining walkways. Rooftop Mechanical Equipment.
  • Develco looks around any equipment that requires periodic service.
  • Litter, the presence of bottles, cans or other litter is usually an indication of roof traffic and use.


  • Cuts & Punctures. Small cuts in a roofing membrane are difficult to detect if the membrane is covered with a layer of dust or dirt. If cuts and punctures are suspected, the membrane should be cleaned with water and inspected. Most cuts and punctures will produce small bubbles in a film of water applied to the surface of the membrane.  
  •  Compressed or Crushed Roof Insulation. Most roof insulations have relatively low compressive strengths and can easily be compressed or crushed if traffic loads exceed the strength of the insulation. Crushed insulation can be indicated by the presence of ponding water and "tented" insulation fasteners which did not compress along with the insulation. 


 Emergency Repair to Small Cuts & Punctures.

Most single-ply cuts and punctures can be repaired temporarily until a permanent repair is performed. Most cuts and punctures in asphalt membranes can be repaired temporarily by applying plastic roof cement to the affected area. Make arrangements with Develco for a permanent repair as soon as possible.

Permanent Repair of Cuts & Punctures. Permanent repair of cuts and punctures should be performed by a qualified licensed roofing contractor.  

 Compressed or Crushed Roof Insulation. Insulation which has been crushed should be replaced with new insulation. Because this procedure will also require extensive repairs to the roofing membrane, this work should be performed by a qualified licensed roofing contractor.

Maintenance Guide to avoid Sudden flat Roof Repair..

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