Inspections Services

  • ​​​​​ Allowing our clients to make educated decisions, to effectively and efficiently manage their asset  portfolio. 


Develco Roof Inspections does not work for the Manufacturer or the Contractor. 

This allows you to count on us to provide the services and information you need to minimize your roof costs and manage your roof and Building Envelope.

By partnering with a non-Bias reputable third-party roof inspection and Consultant. We will help ensure objective results, and accurate system analysis & diagnosis. 

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Contract Monitoring/Management

No matter the extensiveness of the evaluation/survey or how applicable the specification and drawings. The success of the project is largely dependent on the execution by the contractor.

Develco initiates a collaborative approach with our clients and the contractor. This ensures that everyone succeeds during the process. From initial, interim, and final inspection.

  • Intial Inspections
  • Determine Roof system type & Components condition
  • Current Membrane Condition
  • Flashing Examination
  • Roof mounted equipment supports and unit condition
  • Moisture Surveys & Core sample analysis
  • Infrared Roof Scans
  • Observations & recommendations
  • Comprehensive Condition Roof Reports

Maintenance Philosophy


  • Comprehensive and detailed roof evaluations.
  • • Roof design, tendering and quality assurance inspections.
  • • Roof leak and failure investigations.
  • • Replacement options and consultation.
  • • Preventative maintenance programs and   schedules.
  • • Waterproofing assessments.
  • • Moisture intrusion testing.
  • • Infrared surveys. Type your paragraph here.


We are thoroughly professional in everything we do; respecting you, your property and your neighbours. We strive to be as unobtrusive as possible and work around your business schedule. Our procedures stress safety above all. We are timely, transparent and driven by a passion to inform you promptly and fully of your options and our recommendations.

Our customers put us on Top....

“We have worked with Develco in the past, they are courteous and professional with a great turnover...we have recommended them in the past and will do so in the future.”

- A&M Roofing

“They do an excellent job, and provide very thorough roofing advice and detailed consulting reports. Cole is always very professional, personable and always punctual.” -
-Palmer Properties 

I am writing to recommend the services of Develco Roof Inspections. Our company began using Develco approximately Three years ago for commercial roofing consulting and inspection, and have always been completely satisfied.

They do an excellent job, and provide very thorough roofing advice and detailed consulting reports. Cole is always very professional, personable and always punctual.

I'm happy to recommend the services of Develco Roof inspections. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.


Scott Palmer 

Managing Partner


Roof Consulting Services

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The Process...

Determining the real age of a Roof can sometimes be deceiving.

A poorly designed roof or a poorly installed roof can show significant signs of aging in just a few years. While well built and maintained roofs could be in its midlife at the 30-year mark.

Develco wants to save your roofs. Its our strong opinion that even leaky roofs are a lot of the time not an entire loss. With proper diagnostic evaluations of the roofs current condition, our experts will source the cause of the failed components, for replacement, and strengthening the weaker components for increased value.

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Develco can deploy a full range of cutting edge technologies, to assist in diagnosis detection of failures, root cause, severity and solution recommendations.